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ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING is committed to ensuring that all its customers enjoy the driving of the highest quality, which are safe, exciting and value for money. Whether a novice driver or experienced professional, we want our clients to feel welcome and to enjoy the day.

We know how much our customers look forward to their experiences and our terms of business have been carefully written to ensure that there are no misunderstandings which could detract from Your enjoyment. Once You have booked a driving event ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING will make all of the necessary arrangements for You. On departure of a driving day ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING will supply a safety briefing.

Track Days
To comply with safety regulations standards, it is a condition of admission to ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING that no animals or children under 16 are allowed anywhere within a Circuit complex when participating any ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING circuit event.

All drivers, must hold a full and current UK / EC(or equivalent) driving license as at the date they are scheduled to take part in any Driving event. Drivers must produce their original driving license and counterpart (if applicable) when signing on for their Driving day (photocopies or expired licenses will not be accepted). When traveling to foreign destinations all drivers must produce a valid passport, documents of full ownership of car and legal road insurance.

Experience Voucher
Experience voucher is a great way of treating someone special to the experience of a lifetime. With a dated voucher You select the date and time of the experience, which cannot then be changed. Vouchers, unless otherwise stated, are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and must therefore be used within that period. Under no circumstances can the voucher be extended beyond its stated validity period.

Full payment must be made at the time of purchase of the voucher either by credit or debit cards or by cheque or online payment. No refunds will be given.

Payment Terms
You cannot get a refund or amend a booking 7 days before the event starts or anytime thereafter. It is possible to cancel or amend a booking and obtain a full refund, 24 days prior to the driving day. It is possible to cancel or amend a booking and obtain a 75% refund, 14 days prior to the driving day.

If due to unpredicted weather or any other act of nature the driving day has to be cancelled, for driver safety or by law, there is no refund, but the day will be re-scheduled. Also due to airline, ferry, Eurotunnel or any other national or local strike the trip is cancelled, there is no refund, but the day will be re-scheduled.

The very nature of Supercars and driving a powerful car on public roads means that some personal risk may be involved in taking part in our driving days and You are deemed to acknowledge and accept such risk on Your own behalf and on behalf of any person who participates when ordering the relevant experience. ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING reserves all rights in relation to any damage which is caused to You or contributed by You to any third party or property, and You agree to fully indemnify ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING and its parent and subsidiary companies and their respective officers or employees from and against all and any claims which arise, as a consequence of Your reckless and/or negligent conduct whether during any experience or otherwise.

Health & Safety
If found under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during the driving the training day you will not be allowed to participate the Road Training days, track days or any part of the driving as you will be a risk to other drivers.

ES-SUPERCAR TRAINING can not be held responsible for any parking fines, speeding fines or any connection off braking the law during the trips.

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